Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Phablet Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 3Last month, we heard rumors that Samsung is juggling between three Galaxy Note 3 designs and one of them has a flexible display. Despite a number of denials, speculations emerge from South Korea that Samsung will choose the 5.99” flexible AMOLED display. It is said that the phablet will enter the production phase in August, with official launch to commence in September, more likely in Berlin during the IFA 2014 show.

Sources say that Samsung finally decide to go with a model with flexible display after demands for the Galaxy S4 begins to dry up. The company’s latest flagship got off to a satisfactory start with ten million units sold during the first month, but the demand has started to fade.

Samsung may consider that they need to introduce new innovations with the Galaxy Note 3 to ensure better sales records. Samsung may also have considered to use IPS display on the Galaxy Note 3, to address some criticisms on their AMOLED-based solutions.

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